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  • Normal coding bootcamps take a full year and $30,000... for a 30% chance of success.
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  • (Even so, our refund rate is below 5%)

Some of our students' results

Avery D.

Joined with absolutely zero coding experience and a $14/hour job, was hired for a stable $37/hour coding position after just 1 month.

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Sean G.

Joined with limited experience, was featured on UpWork as a rising talent and invited to be hired 77+ times. Raised his rate to $65/hour

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Saul V.

After an expensive coding bootcamp, Saul got no results at all. After 2 weeks in Freemote, he landed a paying job... and soon after, 3 more!

Hear directly from Saul, Click here
Richard K.

Richard went from zero freelancing or eCommerce experience, and landed an ongoing contract after 7 weeks in FREEMOTE.

Hear directly from Richard, Click here
John N.

Joined with zero coding experience, closed 2 eCommerce stores in 3 weeks. Went on to scale and hire 2 employees after 1 month.

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Jack H.

Joined with zero coding experience, got into FREEMOTE, and connected with a real client after 1 month from our internal job board.

Hear directly from Jack, Click here

By The End of The Program, You'll Learn...

  • Front End development including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Web development. Requests, JSON, APIs, AJAX, DOM.
  • How to set up Shopify stores -- a service worth $1,000 - $10,000+
  • Shopify development, Liquid, ThemeKit, Sections, and more
  • To build OVER $1,000 of freelancing tasks taken from REAL sites
  • How to create an impressive eCommerce developer portfolio
  • How & where to find PAYING clients, even with no experience
  • How to contract, onboard, communicate, and deliver services

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When You Join, You'll Get Full, Immediate Access To:

250+ Coding Lessons,
30+ Hours of Video Content
  • We say Zero to freelance developer, and we mean it.
  • 7 packed weeks will take you all the way from the basics, to projects that businesses are actually paying for.
Checklists, Templates, Cheatsheets
  • Real agencies have a structured process for everything, and that's exactly what we're giving you.
  • Downloadable checklists, cheat sheets, contracts, and templates
  • You'll be confident from day 1.
Video Code Reviews & Feedback
  • You'll get VIDEO feedback on your coding projects and portfolios.
  • This will not only allow you to improve quickly...
  • But will give you the confidence you need as a new developer
Freelancing Masterclass
  • No filler or self-help BS
  • We focus on the SPECIFIC things you need to do to start earning.
  • The exact tools you need, how to create your portfolio, do outreach, and land clients.
An amazing community
  • You won't do this alone.
  • You'll have direct access to your technical mentors and instructors in a Facebook community.
  • We share every success and overcome problems together.
Most Up-to-date Content
  • Other bootcamps are out of date.
  • The best strategies ALWAYS change over time, and this program will be kept current.
  • Join once, and you will always have access to new content.

Join and get full and immediate access to the entire program

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Your Instructors and Technical Mentors

Aaron Jack

  • A Software Developer, Freelancer and Programming instructor with 200k+ YouTube subscribers
  • Aaron has 4+ years of professional programming experience working at Uber Technologies in San Francisco, and at a 7 figure web development agency

Jan Frey

  • A Web developer, eCommerce developer, Shopify expert, and freelancer.
  • Jan has 3+ years of eCommerce dev experience and was a core member of the fastest growing eCommerce agency in Germany, where he focused exclusively on Shopify development.

The Curriculum

► Web Development Overview
4 lessons   25:11
► HTML Basics
4 lessons   36:30
► HTML Intermediate
5 lessons   46:10
► HTML Advanced
3 lessons   26:00
► CSS Basics
5 lessons   51:07
► CSS Box Model
3 lessons   28:32
► CSS Selectors & Attributes
3 lessons   45:35
► CSS Position, Display, Media Queries
6 lessons   67:12
► HTML & CSS Projects
3 lessons   54:04
► Back End Setup
11 lessons   39:01
► Front End Setup
4 lessons   44:00
► Recommended Themes
3 lessons   12:48
► Recommended Apps
2 lessons   15:39
► Overview
3 lessons   9:36
► Local Shopify Dev Environment
5 lessons   27:35
► Shopify Theme Files
4 lessons   39:16
► Shopify Liquid
3 lessons   39:21
► Let's Start Freelancing
2 lessons   11:55
► Branding, Portfodivo, Virtual Office
6 lessons   60:24
► Freelancing on UpWork
4 lessons   41:37
► Learning & Networking in Groups
3 lessons   25:27
► Direct Freelancing Strategies
4 lessons   1:24:09
► Onboarding, Contracts, Communication
3 lessons   34:03
► Variables & Types
7 lessons   77:44
► Compound Types
2 lessons   32:07
► More Types, Type Conversion
6 lessons   50:40
► Loops
3 lessons   43:11
► Functions & Methods
7 lessons   69:23
► Higher Order Functions
5 lessons   56:45
► Coding Challenges
11 lessons   73:00
► Clients & Servers
3 lessons   17:19
► The DOM
5 lessons   27:50
► DOM Projects
2 lessons   17:47
► divbraries
3 lessons   24:52
► Async JavaScript
2 lessons   15:37
► Dynamic Data Projects
2 lessons   33:49
► Shopify Static Elements
4 lessons   46:15
► Shopify Dynamic Elements
4 lessons   44:30
► Shopify Advanced Dynamic Elements
4 lessons   61:17
► BONUS: Best Practice Methods
2 lessons   12:38


$18,000 - $30,000

20x more expensive
  • Broad, Saturated Web + React niche
  • Generic, stale curriculum built in 2015
  • INEXPERIENCED instructors & mentors
  • After the program you're on your own
  • No refunds.



4 Monthly Payments
Monthly One time
(Save 15%)
  • Focused, Booming Web + eComm Niche
  • Results-Oriented, New 2021 Curriculum
  • Mentors w/ 7 years of experience
  • Lifetime Community Access + Support
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee