Frequently Asked Questions


We have created this program with beginners in mind, and there are no prerequisites

However, depending on your skill level you may of course take the program at a different pace.

The program is a completely self-paced 7 week online program - you decide when you start and when you finish.

Naturally, more time invested will get you results faster, however there is no downside to going at your own pace, and taking more than 7 weeks.

You also have lifetime access, so no worries about any subscription running out.


Statistically 60% of people end up making more freelancing than their previous job

As for how much eCommerce developers can expect to make, it can range anywhere from $30-$150 per hour

How much you end up making depends on your goals, and your efforts

Some students join wanting to relax and earn a side income, we've helped them get set up so clients are coming to them.

Others come in wanting to get full time remote jobs, and see freelancing as a way to get there. We've helped them do it and land full time developer jobs

And others still join with the plan of hiring a team to start an agencies. The top eCommerce agencies charge $10,000 minimum to set up stores. And we help them too.

eCommerce development isn't like being a "normal" developer. Here you are getting into what's known as a service business.

Your service consists of not only coding, but also translating client needs into solutions, communicating effectively, training them how to use the software, and giving them confidence along the way.

It helps if you think of yourself as more of a technical consultant than a pure "coder"

In other words, just knowing "how to code" is a single (yet very important) piece of the puzzle.

Don't worry though, we'll cover all of this.

As for $8/h competition... consider this. A company's online store is very important for their business. In many cases, it's their main source of revenue.

If something was that important, would you really want to go with the "cheapest" possible option?

Unfortunately, we do not offer payment plans or country-specific discounts at this time.

We do realize some countries have lower income than others, however out of fairness to students who are willing to invest in themselves we have a single price and pricing structure.

If you do have cash flow issues, we suggest getting a 6 months low-interest loan from PayPal Credit. Click HERE to see if you qualify

Refunds given when requested by email, by a student who has purchased the course less than 60 days prior

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